Viewer apps


Viewing apps for your clients will always be free


€50 / month / user*

User is the person with the permission to upload projects

First month is free.

content preparation

Per-project fee

Depends on the size and viewing quality of your project

Frequently asked questions




How can I start the project?

Sign up for the early access and You will receive link to start your project with us. Fill the required info and we will send You the estimate with the link to pay online. When we confirm payment Your project will start and Your individual project manager will contact You. 

How long it takes to finish the project?

In the early access stage we do it manually and it typically is between 40-120 working hours time to create a full scene from your 3d models. There are exceptions - very detailed scenes can take longer, extremely simple scenes may be quicker. In the commercial stage You will be able to finish off your scene in minutes.

Can I prepare the visualisations myself?

We are planning to release the editor in 2017 to give You the ability to create scenes quickly. In the early access stage we do it but we also provide Unreal Engine plugins for users. Ask for details if You're interested.

How do You compare to Lumion or Twinmotion?

Unlike other visualisation suites it's connected with viewer apps that Your client can download for free on his device and explore the space on his own. No sending of big files or cumbersome communication in-between. 

How do You compare to BIMx?

Emb3d provides the options to review designs 'attached' to real locations (outdoors & indoors), allows to drop designs quickly on multiple device platforms (such as VR & AR) and allows end-users to quickly make changes in the project on the fly (e.g choice of furniture and wall coverings).

How will you communicate with me?

When You open the job with us You will receive link to our support system. It will track all communication and will report the progress to You. You will have access to the 3D catalogue and direct contact to your project manager to chat instantly and exchange messages.

What file formats should I send You?

We recommend FBX, OBJ for 3d files, jpeg/png for drawings and photos and PDF for floorplans.

We also accept native files from 3d studio, Maya, Modo, Revit and other CAD software.

If You want us to strictly follow your drawings / photos, You need to send them all to us with clear explanation. If you just have an idea and no time to gather details You can send us everything You have and we will advise You from there.

Can I change the project during the production?

We're happy to do minor changes even if they're not in the original brief. However if the updates were not discussed originally and require a lot of effort work will be estimated and charged separately as major changes.

Can U prepare custom 3d models for me?

Yes. When You need to prepare the model based on the real item and You don't have the 3d file our modellers can prepare this for You. It's priced individually based on the volume of work and the level of detail.

What is a minor change?

Minor changes take less than 20% of the original task time. For example: replacement of a piece of furniture from the catalogue, wall colour change, adding / removing decorations from the catalogue. 

What is a major change?

Major changes take more than 20% of the original task time. They include change in the room style (modern to classic), room role (kitchen to bathrom) or room layout (different positioning of walls, corridors etc.).


What are the viewer apps?

The set of free apps that You can send to your clients to quickly view your project. Depending on the device that You've picked they provide unique features. Mobile apps can synchronize to a real location, VR apps offer full immersion. You choose your scenario when editing the project.

What is the cloud?

It's the server storage where You keep your pojects and allow your clients to download them to their devices.

What is the early access editing?

It's the necessary work of converting your 3D files to the app format including the texture editing, scene setup, model optimization and adding of the interactive features based on your requirements.

What is the editor?

Editor is the standalone desktop app that will allow You to prepare scenes yourself without the pro help in the matter of minutes/hours.